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IDL, Individual Differences in Learning Association Inc., is a parent-led, non-profit organization, promoting awareness, understanding and change in the approach to educating and supporting students. Our purpose is to provide information, training and support for teachers, students, parents and others concerned with the education, health and social and emotional well being of different learners.

Twice exceptional and other different learners exhibit neuro-biological learning differences in the context of high cognitive ability or other specific gifts and talents. These talents may go unrecognized without appropriate accommodations and interventions due to ‘masking’, resulting in average or even under achievement.These differences may result in academic and/or social challenges in a traditional learning environment. Different learners do not conform to the stereotypes for gifted or special education and may also be described as Twice Exceptional, Gifted/Learning Disabled, or Gifted Underachievers. They may be diagnosed with ADHD, autism spectrum, learning and/or emotional disorders, some combination, or they may have no diagnosis at all.Often their strengths are not observed because they are in non-academic skills making the connection to real-world experiences and professions crucial. They are often misunderstood resulting in a tendency for some to think of them as lazy or unmotivated.

We work closely with the Howard County Public School System to provide professional development for teaching staff. We support families and educate parents through:

  • Meetings every other month, second Monday (November, January, March & May)
  • Guest speakers. Please click here for our current list of meetings
  • Gifted/LD/ADHD Online support group. Email info@gifteddifferentlearners.org to join
  • IDL Website. Please click here for resources
  • Book Discussions
  • Partnerships with related organization


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  1. I am very interested in your group as I have 9 yo twins, one diagnosed with ADHD/I and one undiagnosed but having difficulty in school. I was unable to attend the meeting tonight but I am interested in learning more about the group.

  2. Be sure to follow our blog so you can receive notification of each event. Our 2015-16 calendar is now available. Hope to see you on Oct 19th

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