Dan Furman Esq. November 13th at Miller Library 7pm

The Legal Ins and Outs of IDEA, 504 Plans & Disability Rights of Students in the Classroom

with Dan Furman, Esq.


  • Learn how to become a more effective advocate for your child with insider tips
  • Understand your rights within the IEP process including laws, timelines, language & documentation
  • Get an overview of the structure of IDEA with options for alternative strategies & placements
  • Understand the importance of formal psychological & educational testing
  • Recognize effective behavior intervention strategies & risks of disciplinary actions
  • 504 Plans can be a good alternative for twice exceptional students

scalesSpeaker Bio:*

Dan Furman, Esq. is an attorney who maintains a boutique practice focusing
on educational law. He has received numerous commendations for his civic
engagement from various entities including the Board of Education of Howard
County and Governor of Maryland. Mr. Furman lives in Howard County and
his practice is based in Columbia.