Join IDL on Monday April 13th for “Social Skills Training” at Miller Library

Monday April 13th: Making Social Skills Training Meaningful for 2E Students         
At 7pm

Children with learning differences are often at a distinct disadvantage in social situations due to their difficulties processing language efficiently and accurately, interpreting verbal and non-verbal social cues and inhibiting quick (and often extreme) reactions; they may also show a general lack of understanding of how their (often quirky) behavior causes peers and adults to treat them a certain way.  In many cases these students have difficulty adhering to classroom rules or conversely are “rule enforcers” that do not know how to be flexible when the situation warrants it.  They struggle establishing and maintaining close friendships and may be at a greater risk for being bullied. Nicole Orellana will discuss her experiences teaching social skills to elementary and middle school students with a variety of diagnoses including Asperger Syndrome, Autism, ADHD and language disorders. She will discuss how she incorporates principles from Applied Behavior Analysis and Michelle Garcia Winners’s Social Thinking Curriculum as well as her experiences as a speech therapist into her social skills programming.  She will also discuss what focus areas and treatment strategies she finds make the greatest impact on her students’ progress.

Nicole Carl Orellana MS, CCC-SLP is the co-owner and President of The Children’s SPOT Inc, a Howard County based practice of speech, occupational and behavior therapists.  She has been a speech and language therapist working with children and young adults diagnosed with apraxia, learning disabilities, language disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder for over 10 years.  She has experience in both school based and private practice settings.