Monday December 14th CANCELLED for “Emotions and Learning” Discussion and Video

Due to low response this meeting was cancelled

Walking the Path with 2e Learners: Emotions and Learning
Join us December 14th at 7:30 pm at the Miller Library where we will discuss “Emotions and Learning: Focus on the Strength” 
 The identification of a learning disorder can both point the way to correct remediation and offer a sense of relief to students and their parents and teachers. Often, people find it liberating to learn that the student has unique neurological strengths and weaknesses and is not simply “lazy or dumb.” In one video clip from Walking the Path with 2e Learners, Fran Bowman talks about how when, after testing, she has told students that they have dyslexia, they will respond, “I am so relieved.”
 However, labeling can have pernicious effects if that label implies “who the person is.” The students and parents in Walking the Path share the emotional pain of stereotyping and segregation from classmates who often say unkind things because of ignorance about learning disorders. Susan Kuhn describes how a teacher told her husband, also dyslexic, in middle school that he would not ever go to college. He is now a physician; however, the doubts engendered by that teacher linger today.
You will learn: 
• Elevator model of emotion

• Stress and Performance

• Learned Helplessness

• How to Praise effectively 

• Internal vs. External Motivation

• Encouraging Independence