Mission Statement


Mission Statement



To provide information, training, and support for teachers, students, parents, and others concerned with the education, health, and social and emotional well-being of all learners, especially those who are twice exceptional.



  • To remove barriers and promote awareness and understanding in the community of students with high cognitive ability and co-existing learning difficulties which effect academic output, self esteem, and social interactions.
  • To collaborate with the public school system to provide professional development for teachers, with the goal of accelerating achievement for students who are twice exceptional
  • To offer support and information to families and encouragement to students.



We envisage a learning environment for all children where individual differences in learning are identified, accepted, and accommodated in a way which protects children from humiliation. This IDEAL learning environment will enable children to recognize their true talents, help them to work around their weaknesses, and lead them to success.

3 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Would like to talk to you about possibly speaking at IDL – I have a long-standing interest in ADHD and giftedness. Also, want to talk to you about a professional organization that we are forming in Howard County of professionals and organizations that serve students with different learning needs and would like to explore your interest in participating.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes, Kathleen Nadeau

  2. I am a grandmother to a special 6 year grandson, Daniel.
    At age 3 he was reading, at a 1st. grade level. This reading skill was self-taught.
    He is in the first grade now, and having behavioral problems at school.
    The behavior has dramatically increased in the last 3 weeks.
    He lives in Northern Ohio, Oberlin, Ohio. Is there a school, program that you would recommend for this child. Thank you
    Carolyn Dragics

  3. Sarah Wayland and I were doing some networking, she suggested I reach out to you – she felt I may become a resource. I’m a Financial Advisor and I work primarily with families who have special needs.

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